Q: How to add more storage/RAM into my gaming pc?

A: We have options to add more storage and ram into our pre-built pcs. You can find those options in the product page of each pre-built pc. Currently we are offering to add SATA SSDs or HDDs. For RAM, you can add 32GB up to 64GB according to the pre-built model. However, if you did not have the chance to pick any of the above options during purchase and are willing to upgrade it yourself, you can simply get the storage of your choice and plug it into the SATA ports available. The same case for RAM, we use 2 out of 4 slots available for RAM so that you can expand the total RAM size with 2 more sticks of the same kind. (We recommend you to purchase the same brand of RAM with the exact same specifications).

Q: What if I have issues with my gaming PC?

A: With every purchase of our pre-built PCs, we include a 1-year labor warranty which also includes  free maintenance for 1 year after the purchase. In short, we are available to support you by email or a scheduled phone call to address your issues. You can read more about Services and Warranties here.

Q: How do I custom build my PC?

A: We offer custom PC builds according to your own choices of hardware and brands. You can navigate from Gaming PC > Custom Build from our drop down menu or click this link. We currently have more than 10 brands available for you to choose from, and we also offer free consultation for custom PC builds.

Q: How long is the PC building process?

A: Currently we have 5 PCs per day limit to ensure every PC is perfect and neat. If we receive your order before 15.00 WIB, we will ship your PC on the next day. By that, it means we need 1 day to build your PC including weekends.

Shipping & Return

Q: How long does my PC ship?

A: We will notify you by email the PC building process and also you are able to see the shipment process from our website. However, shipment duration may vary depending on the expedition you picked during the purchase.

Q: Can I return a defected hardware?

A: Yes, you are able to return any defected hardware in 2 weeks time. We will offer you a full refund or a new hardware replacement. Click this link for more information about services and warranties.

Q: What are the warranties of my PC components?

A: All of our hardware are brand new and do have official warranty. Each piece of component has its own warranty time depending on brand, type of component, and distributors. We will notify you all the details about component warranties by email after you made a purchase. Click this link for more information about services and warranties.


Q: What ports are available for my gaming PC?

A: All PC specifications are listed down in each product link, including all the ports available, sockets, RAM slots and so on. Generally, we offer the best motherboard for each price point with plenty of ports, including USB 3.0, Display Port, HDMI, VGA, Audio and Ethernet.

Q: How high my FPS is gonna be?

A: It all depends on which PC build you own and the games that you play. Our entry level pre-built PC should give you an average of 100 FPS in e-sport games such as Counter-Strike, Valorant, and League of Legends.

Q: Which PC build is suitable for me?

A: In order to answer that question, we require you to know your own need and budget also what type of games you mostly play. We have the best PC line-up for each price point, we ensure that every single component is the best at its price. You can have a free consultation by sending us e-mail or contact us on Whatsapp.

Q: What is VulcaPlus?

A: We are offering you our 6-month or 1-year subscirption called VulcaPlus. Once you are a VulcaPlus member, you will get a unique barcode for membership and VIP access to all of our services. What will you get with VulcaPlus? We are offering a free component trade-in as long as you have our receipt from previous purchases, we will prioritize your PC for maintenance and cleaning, we give you priority in claiming warranties,  we will give you our merchandise right after your subscription begins, and we will also give you a discount coupon for your next purchase with us. This subscription is completely optional.

Setting Up

Q: What do i do with my PC when it arrives?

A: We require you to gently unbox your PC and any packaging items inside without damaging your components nor the box packaging itself. We are going to be available for call if you need help in unboxing your gaming PC. We also encourage you to check any damages on the components before you unbox everything. Our pre-built PCs are all ‘plug-n-play’, it means you only need to plug in all peripherals you already own (monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc) and login to Windows. We will also provide you a video by email, showing first-time setting up a gaming PC in order for you to follow.